Kitchen & Nutrition

Our Kitchen has a 5 Star Food Hygiene rating (as assessed by City of Whitehorse), is kept hygienically clean and maintained on a daily basis with regular audits scheduled to maintain hygiene.

Children are provided with freshly prepared meals that are nutritionally balanced by our qualified chef on a daily basis.  Hot and cold meals are served from a variety of different cultural backgrounds to enhance their learning experience during meal times by exposing them to multiple colours and textures.  

We only source our raw produce from reputable local suppliers who deliver two to three times per week.

Due to a growing number of children at risk of anaphylaxis, Starfish Early Learning Centre is free from all forms of nuts, nut products and eggs are prohibited from the centre. Cakes are made with egg free recipes and/or using an egg replacement.

Meals and menus are produced on a 4 weeks rotational basis and can be viewed at your respective centre.